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Final: Foxcote v Trewsbury
Sub final: Tomlinson Equine v Bob Music

Tyro Cup

Final: Syreford v Cotswold Airport
Sub final: Foxcote v Virgo Stone

Gerald Balding Cup

AFB v Saracens
Tomlinson Equine v White Crane
Hascombe Stud v Senzaltro
Strategic Help for Heroes v AFB
Final: Hascombe Stud v Strategic Help for Heroes
Sub final: White Crane v Conosco

a'Brassard Trophy

Final: Los Chinos v Dawson Group

Jerudong Park Polo Trophy

Cirencester v Monterosso

Watershed RDA at Longdole

Bike polo

Isa Trophy at Edgeworth

Dutch Courage v Red Dogs and other matches

Swinhay International at Beaufort Polo Club

England v Ireland

Junior Westchester Cup Trial at Beaufort Polo Club

Red v Blue

Celtic Manor

Polo at The Manor

Queen's Cup

Final: La Indiana v Park Place

Warwickshire Cup

Final: Monterosso v Les Lions

King's Head Hotel Ladies International

Flannels England v African Nations

Apsley Cup

Semi final: Bardon v BP Polo/Las Monjitas
Final: Marchfield v Bardon

Cirencester Non Playing Members Trophy

Final: Syreford v Noon Giraffe
Sundial Plate: Los Chinos v Foxcote

Queen Mother Trophy

Final: Snakebite v Confido
Sub final: Coppid Owl v Tayto

Cowdray Park Gold Cup

Semi final: El Remanso v La Indiana
Semi final: La Bamba de Areco v RH Polo
Final: El Remanso v La Bamba de Areco

St. James' Place Town Cup

Final: Stategic Help for Heroes v Silvertown Properties/Limitless
Sub final: Lodge Services v Noon Giraffe

Cirencester Park Ladies Tournament

18 Goal: Monterosso v Apes Hill
12 Goal: Polo Quarterly v E-Motion
18Goal: Dodson & Horrell v Apes Hill
18 Goal: Monterosso v Coombe Place

18Goal Final: Coombe Place v Monterosso
18Goal Sub final: Dodson & Horrell v La Rosada

Jack Williams Cup

Final: Los Chinos v Syreford Red
Sub final: Coxwell v Syreford

County Cup

Final: Confido v Indubitable

Chairman's Cup

Final: Noon Giraffes v Shubumi/Limitless

Wilson Trophy

Hascombe Stud v Balaclava

Ponting's Pot

Semi final: Hascombe Stud/Lodge Services v Coxwell
Final: Hascombe Stud/Lodge Services v Los Chinos

Kingscote Cup

Final: Foxcote v Noon Giraffe
Sub Final: Stoneyhill v CANI

Cheltenham Cup

Final: Tomlinson Equine v Foxcote

Sidebottom Cup at Beaufort Polo Club

Final: Hascombe Stud v Santana

Gouldsmith Bowl

Final: Los Chinos v Jenkinson

Associates Trophy

Final: Noon Giraffes v Bluestone Insurance



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